Events that CHALK4PEACE supports, celebrates and observes…

CHALKPEACE has become an event that takes place year round, often depending upon a location’s weather or specific date. These are some of the observances that have included CHALK4PEACE…

Honoring the International Day on Peace 21 September                                                             (CHALK4PEACE: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC)* Organizer: Yvonne Davis


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- 3rd Monday in January; (Thacher School, Ojai, CA)*  Organizer: Suzie Nixon


Earth Day Celebration (Berkeley, CA)* Organizer: Lisa Bullwinkle


Community Healing ceremony (Centennial Park, Geneva, NY) Organizer: Chapin Traugott


Festival Clown & Clown “Gessito por Pace” (Piazza Aldo Moro, Monte San Giusto, Italia)* Organizers: Paola Sabbatini, Alessandra Torresi, Erica Moressi, Roberto Spinelli, Mabo Band


One country’s National Peace Day observance (Miriam Grade School, Quezon City, Philippines) Organizer: Patti Bautista


John Lennon’s birthday- 9 Oct. (PS #139, Lodz, Poland) Organizer: Ana Tomasik


Neighborhood Day (Museum of Modern ARF, Hudson St., Arlington, VA)* Organizer: John Aaron


Tribute to Banned books (Boulder Public Library, CO) Organizer: Carol Heepke


Honoring the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, CA* Organizer: Nicole Haggard…


and pleas for Peace in Baltimore (courtesy Ike Cynkar)


photo credits: Marielle Mariano, Jerry Downs, Chapin Traugott, Luciano Brandimarti, Ed Talaro,  Ana Tomasik, John Aaron, Emily Ebba Reynolds, Ike Cynkar


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