On May 24, 2015, thirty international women peacemakers will walk with Korean women from the north and south Korean borders to call for an official end to the Korean War and a new beginning for a reunified Korea.

UPDATE: The Women’s Walk For Peace turned into a ride as officials, concerned for the marchers’ safety, required that they cross the 2 mile DMZ via bus. The crossing was completed safely, without incident.

Twitter: @WomenCrossDMZ

This takes great courage, given the North Korean totalitarian stance of isolationism and human rights.


Some of the participants are: Maired Maguire, Gloria Steinem, Christine Ahn, Medea Benjamin, Hyung-Kyung Chung, Gay Dillingham, Suzie Kim, Abigail Disney and others will march the length of the 2 mile North-South Korean Demilitarized Zone and hold peace conferences in Pyongyang and Seoul where they will discuss how to best mobilize for nonviolence and peace and to reunite long separated Korean families.


CHALK4PEACE supports this expression of peacebuilding and effort towards reconciliation; and will follow WOMENCROSSDMZ WALK FOR PEACE to keep readers up to date on this historic event.

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