The CHALK4PEACE Indiegogo Campaign is complete! Thank you all for your support!

Our campaign raised almost 50 % of our short film goal… a great start to launch CHALK4PEACE: Drawing FergUSon Together! Thank you all for your contributions, support and networking! We are tireless in our efforts get this film made! Stay tuned…!

Our Indiegogo film campaign- CHALK4PEACE: Drawing FergUSon Together
imageimageimageOur Indiegogo campaign link-click here! 9 days left in our campaign…

imageOnly 10 days left in our Indiegogo campaign. Please support the making of this historically significant film.

Link: CHALK4PEACE: Drawing Ferguson Together


imageOur Indiegogo Campaign: CHALK4PEACE: Drawing FergUSon Together-a film
imageimageimageCHALK4PEACE Indiegogo Campaign Page: The whole story



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