CHALK4PEACE: Gooden School-9th year!

The Gooden School of Sierra Madre, CA has been drawing the world together with CHALK4PEACE since 2007 with a marvelous Teach Peace program that includes older students helping younger ones express their visions of peace. In addition to their morning convocation to begin the Day of Peace, the school studies Peace movements, Peacemakers and Builders, and asks the whole school what peace means to them, in words, art, music, and behavior. Gooden teaches that peace is an integral part of  the human condition and the school is to be commended for its enlightened and comprehensive sense of education. John Aaron, CEO of CHALK4PEACE, has attended many of Gooden’s Peace Day celebrations and thanks Marianne van Voorst Ryan,  Merrily Dunlap, Meghan Snyder, the students, teachers and parents of the Gooden School for their continued enthusiasm and participation in CHALK4PEACE!






Photos: Meghan Snyder, John Aaron

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