CHALK4PEACE CHALKSTARS- Boulder Public Library, CO

The Boulder (CO) Public Library has been a great proponent of CHALK4PEACE, joining the global project in 2006 and organizing C4P events for many years. We commend the Library, for their courageous C4P projects-for instance, in 2010,  the theme “Banned Books” turned out to be a very artful endeavor, team effort, and fan favorite.



imagephotos: Emily Ebba Reynolds

The Library’s C4P projects, guided over the years by Donna Gartenmann and Carol Heepke, have brought together the community to invite everyone’s expressions visions of peace and justice. Some of Boulder’s CHALKSTARS…

imagePhoto & cover photo: Benko Photographics
imagePhoto: Diane Newlin-Rolio

The Library, in their encouragement of CHALK4PEACE, has provided the Boulder community with a venue to share artistic expression in a beautiful public space about subjects they care very deeply about. CHALK4PEACE. These photos tell the story.


imagePhotos: Benko Photographics
imagePhoto: Jerry Downs

Thank you again for all the support in Boulder for CHALK4PEACE. Thank you to Donna Gartennman, Carol Heepke, Mary Chen Fowler, Greg Ravenswood, Michael and Niko Wojzcuk, Ken Bernstein, Diane Newlin-Rolio, Les Crandell, the Daily Camera, Mothers Acting Up, Tim and Mary Benko, the Boulder Arts Commission, Loew-Cornell Co. (chalk) and the rest of you Boulderites dedicated to having the freedom to express your opinions about Peace. Bring it to a pavement near you once again! CHALK ON! What a wonderful world it could be. 

9/11/11, the 10th anniversary of 911… Remembering…

imagePhoto: Carol Heepke

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